Digital Marketing Solutions

Starting a business in 2021 in any Industry is a battle and comes with a lot of competition, especially  when trying to get online. Before you throw yourself into the digital world you need to make sure a few things are in place and looking like they should. Your socials, your website, sales landing pages and marketing content all must be clear modern and branded around a clear vision.

This is just the beginning.  If you really want to thrive, Following that you will need to be visible on multiple platforms such as Google & Instagram to name a few and establish a good reputation. Only then you can you can level up and put together effective marketing campaigns designed around your specific service or niche. This is how you build a brand in 2021, everything must fall into place  perfectly. This is the driving passion behind Aka Digital Australia, this is all a part of the journey we will help you with.  If you are starting up a new business or have an existing business and is simply looking to take it up a level reach out to us today, we are you wingman in the digital world!


From your Branding, Marketing material, Webpages, photos, Videos and more, we aim to help you grow your business in every way that we can. When we work with a business we offer our full range of services, you will have our full backing!

Step 1:

We study your Services/Products then identify your specific niche and potential sales pitch solutions.


Step 2:

Identify your target audience  and specialised interests, identify the correct platforms required to reach them.


Step 3:

Build & Implement our Marketing plan using both Video and graphics all customised to your niche, implement adds accordingly through required platforms and progressively monitor results.

 Sincerely, Harun Aka