Portraits Sessions

We offer a unique service for our Melbourne Clients, One of our most popular services is the 1 hour photo session a.k.a "Photo walk". With this we take an idea or concept and we visit any location of your choice, be it in the CBD for an Urban vibe, or anywhere else your heart and creative self desires, lets chat about possible locations. We are happy go with you as a photographer to any ends of the lands.  First we listen to your needs, be it for a brand, business or simply looking to up your social game. Then we collectively decide on a location both parties are happy with and arrange a time to  head out together.  We take a 1 hour walk while taking photos of you as we explore that location, with this strategy we get multiple images, within the hour we expect to take 100-150 images which are all yours to keep! 


1 Hour     $150 

2 Hours   $200

3 Hours   $300

4 Hours   $400